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  • in the bed和in bed的區別

    in the bed的意思是在床上,表示在床里面,即在被窩里。in bed的意思是臥床,表示躺在床上、臥病在床,短語中的bed不指具體的床,故前在不用冠詞,in也不能改成on。

    in the bed造句:

    Particles swim around in the bed。顆粒在床層中到處游動。

    There seems to be something moving in the bed。床里面好像有個什么在動。

    Bubble size is a key factor in determining the conditions in the bed。氣泡尺寸是決定床內情況的一個關鍵因素。

    in bed造句:

    Mary's in bed,Don't wake her?,旣愒诖采纤X,不要吵醒她。

    Jerry often lies in bed and watches TV。杰瑞經常躺在床上看電視。

    He was lying in bed talking on the phone with his girlfriend。他躺在床上和女朋友打電話。


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